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Importer of Record-Exporter of Record


Global Trade Facilitation

Our Importer of Record – Exporter of Record (IOR/EOR) service is a global program that enables US based companies to export non-revenue international shipments to other countries without paying the taxes and duties associated with a Temporary Import License.

Acting as your company’s in-country legal entity, Global 4PL can support your sales and customer service departments with pre-sale marketing material and demo product shipments while also allowing your company to keep spare inventory near your end customer sites to support quick turnarounds for repairs.

Importer of Record-Exporter of Record

IOR EOR service



Customs Support

Act on surfaced insights to cut waste across your supply chain, minimize spending, avoid surprise fees, and strike the perfect balance between speed and cost.

Homologation Assistance

Global4PL will support Telecommunication Homologation and registrations in other countries.

Licensing Management

Global4PL will apply for necessary import/export licenses or permits.

Record Compliance

Global4PL will maintain records for the minimum duration required by law.

Regulatory Numbers

Global4PL will maintain ECCN, COO, CCATS and HTS numbers for US Export License and destination country entry requirements.

Origin Certification

Global4PL will prepare Certificates of Origin if required.

Tax Exposure

 Global4PL uses its regional office in Milpitas, California and in the receiving country, thus reducing your corporate tax exposure.

Compliance Expertise

Global4PL’s international trade expertise enables companies to avoid costly trade compliance penalties.

The Results


The Results

Streamlined Clearance

A simplified shipment clearance process.

Cost-Free Global Expansion

 No cost to establish legal entities in foreign countries.

Legal Compliance Assurance

A transportation process that is fully compliant with all US Import / Exports laws, including a document retention system in compliance with import (CBP) and export (BIS) regulations.

Global Tracking System

A shipment tracking and document control system that is easily accessible worldwide.

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