global-4pl Customs Brokerage services

Global4PL CHB Customs Brokers providing expert customs clearance and consulting services for Hi-Tech, Telecomm, Retail, and the Automotive industry. Global4PL offers a comprehensive range of Customs Brokerage services for importers and exporters which go far beyond what other Customs Brokers provide. And we are great Customs Brokers too. Our team of highly trained professionals will give you expert advice and service on all matters relating to your importing and exporting. Our compliance tools will help you to do it right.

Customs brokerage

  • Product Review, Valuation, Related Parties and RMA Transactions.
  • Country of Origin.
  • Recordkeeping with our customizable tools.
  • Rulings / CCATS.
  • Policies and Procedures.
  • Voluntary Disclosures.
  • Product Review, Valuation, Related Parties, RMA Transactions.
  • Country of Origin.
  • Importer / Exporter Recordkeeping.
  • CBP Rulings / DOC CCATS.
  • Policies and Procedures.
  • Voluntary / Prior Disclosures.


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