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Global4PL announces major Global Supply Chain Contract proving Importer of Record / Exporter of Record (IOR-EOR) Services

Milpitas – February 8, 2016 – Global4PL Supply Chain Services, an industry leading supply chain consulting and global trade management company, announced today that an undisclosed VAR has selected Global4PL to provide Importer / Exporter of Record and RMA depot services in Europe, Latin America and Asia, including the countries of Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, India, Hong Kong, Singapore and China.

This new contract highlights the growing, strategic importance of third party in-country support for companies that target international markets as a source for revenue expansion. Expected benefits include higher customer satisfaction, a more efficient international distribution process and reduced supply chain cost.

“This agreement shows how Global4PL helps our partners to increase their revenue worldwide and service their customers where they could not deliver before. Global4PL’s expertise with handling complex import and export issues in the world’s most challenging international customs environments.” said Sergio Retamal, President and CEO of Global4PL

About Global4PL Supply Chain Services:

Global4PL is a leading supply chain solutions provider that specializes in helping hi-tech companies penetrate new regional markets, optimize their supply chain delivery models, and demonstrate total supply chain costs lower than the competition.

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