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Has your supplier in Asia shipped? Is the product stuck in customs? Has the product been in transit longer than it should have? The constant need to know where your inbound shipments from suppliers are and outbound to customers requires strict control, visibility, and traceability along your global supply chain and you don’t have time to check every shipment. You should not have to check every shipment.

We provide the tools and the manpower to keep your supply chain moving – removing barriers where they hold your products. We don’t just provide the visibility; we manage the process to ensure that your products keep moving so you can manage your business instead of tracing your shipments.

POHorizon™ gives you end-to-end supply chain visibility, from manufacture to delivery to the customer’s door. This allows your company to save money by managing and controlling your entire process and identifying redundancies as well as cost overruns. You can see milestones and drill down to track individual part numbers, invoice numbers, and PO numbers. You can receive a snapshot by date, destination country and customer name to analyze trends.


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